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Cordula Chair

  • Cordula Chair
  • Cordula Chair
  • Cordula Chair
  • Cordula Chair
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New energy, emblematic signs, a whirl of variables. The rich ornamentation encourages a modern vision of furnishings designed by Italian fashion designer Rosita Missoni. Cordula is a brilliant example where a 
multi-coloured PVC cable is combined with smooth lines forming a concrete counterbalance to eccentricity. Vibrant fixed elements with messages of tradition emerge from the interweave of diversities. The chair embodies the magic of the endless interplay that links furnishing and fashion.  

The main structure is made with a curved stainless steel rod. Three rings enclose the seat, realised with a PVC rope hand-knotted on the frame so as to create a radial pattern which ensures comfort and proper mechanical support to the seat. A foam cushion helps ensure greater comfort.

Designer | Rosita Missoni, Varese, Italy
Producer | Missoni Home, Varese, Italy 
Technical info | PVC coloured cable
Picture credits | Missoni Home