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COP 22 La Canopée

  • COP 22 La Canopée
  • COP 22 La Canopée
  • COP 22 La Canopée
  • COP 22 La Canopée
  • COP 22 La Canopée

French Studio Oualalou+Choi was chosen to design the exhibition spaces for the COP22, the international United Nations conference on climate change, which was held in Marrakech.

Inspired by the local festivals called ‘Moussems,’ large public gatherings of the region, often post-harvest, that hold cultural, social, economic, and religious significance for the community, the design of the exhibition grounds is based upon a temporary urbanism created by the installation of a series of re-usable wooden structures and a village of canopies, entirely demountable and reusable.

The tent is a primitive and universal form of architecture that speaks to the common needs of man on this planet. It is made up of removable and reusable structures. On the central alley and as a connecting line with the different pavilions, a large tensile roof has been made, “La Canopée”. A corridor of more than 18 metres wide and 684 metres length, covered by a structure with a large PVC cover.

The structure stands out for its irregular geometry and for the mesh fabric with laminated semi-transparent PVC. The fabric is an anthracite mesh and plays an important role in this work due to the impermeability and transparency of this PVC, which makes it more transparent than a dense fabric. The characteristics and the composition of this fabric offer a diffusion of colours, which makes it more beautiful when viewed from the inside.

Architects | Studio Oualalou+Choi, Paris, France 
Location | Marrakech, Morocco
Technical info | PVC Roof
Picture credits | Studio Oualalou+Choi