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Colours that move you

Colours that move you Colours that move you  Colours that move you 

Artist: Daniel Buren, France  
Location: Lisson Gallery, London, UK    

Throughout the course of his 45-year career, French artist Daniel Buren has bagged many of the finest locations in the world for his site-specific artworks: Versailles, New York's Guggenheim and the likes Tokyo's Odaiba Bay, to name just a few.

His latest venue was London's Lisson Gallery which, over the course of a week, he transformed with works that display his trademark colourful, geometric shapes and signature stripes.

Buren is known for creating often large-scale, site-specific works that play on architectural, spatial and social elements, and this is exactly what he has done in the Lisson Gallery.

Discovering ‘A Perimeter for a Room’, situated in the main gallery space, is like stepping into another world. Horizontal panels coloured with self-adhesive vinyl are used to alter the perception of space by creating an internal division, introducing a new height within the room. The walls are washed with coloured shadows, warming the visitor with a glowing light.

The artwork is designed to change our outlook and heighten our sensitivity as our vision is altered by a new, dynamic colour palette.

While the project uses a familiar vocabulary in Buren's oeuvre — colour, light and black and white 8.7 cm stripes — “A Perimeter for a Room” defines an entirely new system in its treatment of interior space that opens the way for new developments.

Buren is constantly re-asserting himself and pushing the boundaries of his well-established visual language.

Technical info: Adhesive vinyl sheets
Picture credits: Lisson Gallery