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Cherry trees in Washington

New techniques and unconventional materials drive design and narrative by Tom Price


British designer Tom Price has made an enchanted grove of cherry trees out of PVC tubes and cable ties. The slender cherry trees occupied an entire room at Industry Gallery in Washington D.C last month, casting delicate shadows on the surrounding walls.

Price was inspired to make the installation when he visited the US capital last spring during the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

He used special tools to heat the plastic tubing so that he could then bend and twist it into the desired shape. Cable ties hold the bundles of tubing together, forming trunks and branches.

The designer then fused small cross-sections of the tubing together to form a canopy that creates a dappled light underneath.

Specializing in modern furniture products, sculpture and lighting design, process plays a key role in Price’s work which has been bought by international museums, galleries and private collectors. Much of Price’s work is made using unconventional materials. In fact, he often finds it necessary to invent new tools and techniques in order to get the required results from certain fabrications. But Price sees this as an intrinsic part of the overall design and narrative.

Artist: Tom Price, UK   
Location: Industry Gallery, USA  
Technical info: PVC tubes
Picture credits: Industry Gallery