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Caged Beauty for Moroso

  • Caged Beauty for Moroso
  • Caged Beauty for Moroso
  • Caged Beauty for Moroso

SAQ is a conceptual and interdisciplinary design agency specialised in developing spatial sceneries and concepts.

The practice relies on a broad range of competencies where architects, interior designers, urbanists, video-artists and graphic designers, team up according to the specific orientation or necessities of each project. SAQ believes strongly in co-operation and regularly invites professionals, experts or companies to participate in the materialisation or the elaboration of an idea.

For SAQ, scale is no parameter. Intensive research, sketching, simulation and dialogue are the fundamentals of an intensive creative process leading to proposals for both small-scaled designs and macro-planning. A superb example of this design approach is Caged Beauty for Moroso, an installation designed for the fair Interieur Kortrijk.

The stand presents an intricate network of webbed boxes, stacked both horizontally and vertically in a precariously balanced configuration. Lights caught in the airy boxes made of white vinyl cables underline the stand’s raw aesthetic while spotlighting Moroso products entangled in the ethereal mesh.

The overall scenery overwhelms without undermining the exposed pieces. On the contrary, contemplating the cluster of Ron Arad’s Ripple Chairs rising like a swam of elegant butterflies, these seem to take advantage of the proposed mise en scene.

Designer | Frederik Vaes, SAQ, Brussels, Belgium
Location | Interieur Kortrijk, Belgium
Technical info | Vinyl cables
Picture credits | SAQ