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Bregenz Cloud Lounge

  • Bregenz Cloud Lounge
  • Bregenz Cloud Lounge
  • Bregenz Cloud Lounge
  • Bregenz Cloud Lounge
  • Bregenz Cloud Lounge

The Casino’s new roofing, for the summer terrace Cloud Lounge in Bregenz, is a perfect scenery for all sorts of events with its illuminated ceiling hovering above the restaurant.

Cloud-like, the membrane structure seems to float above the terrace. The semi-transparent PVC fabric offers shade on sunny days. In the night, accentuated with light, the roofing transforms into the new stage of Bregenz’s nightlife.

Clear lines and edges are provided by round steel profiles. The mesh fabric is redirected over them and fixed at the backside of the upper roof border.

The upper side of the roof is closed with a circumferential PVC stripe of about one metre width which drains to the inside on a flat roof and can be removed for inspection purposes.

As the roof has 14 supports, some of the welded seams could only be closed on-site. The holes for the supports are stabilised with multi-part aluminium clamps, to which the funnel-shaped mosquito protection is fixed as well.


Architects | Christoph Ganslmeier, Wien, Austria
Location | Bregenz, Austria
Technical info | PVC Ferrari 702 roof
Picture credits | Marcel Mayer