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Big Will And Friends

  • Big Will and Friends
  • Big Will and Friends
  • Big Will and Friends
  • Big Will and Friends

Architecture Office is an agile design office that uses analogy to explore both the ordinary and novel in the environment around us. By finding joy in architectural substrate and material matter that may not have yet reached its full potential, they exploit common assembly methods to construct architectural forms that promote interaction and pique curiosity.

The studio, led by Nicole Macintosh and Jonathan Louie, investigates the social aspects of wallpaper in Big Will And Friends. The spatial intervention consists of an uncomfortably large structure consisting of three 7′ x 7′ foot rooms. Besides the slim PVC framing, Big Will And Friends is defined entirely by the repetition of an abstracted variant of Morris & Co.’s ‘Thistle’ wallpaper.

Big Will invited chereographer Stephanie White to construct a dance that alters our spatial perceptions. Driven by architectures' participation in an expanded field, the chereography and construction work in concert to flatten and extend the visual environment while producing a range of moods and effects. Proposing a shift from the modernist conception of spatial definition to the ephemeral qualities of atmosphere and territory through decor.

The complex decorative effect created, along with an accompanying performance, is intended to explore the relationships between art, architecture, and mass consumption. In a contemporary culture of excess and shifting values, Big Will and Friends calls for architects and artists to embrace the temporal qualities of domestic decor that value appearance over substance, and the ephemeral over the secure and lasting. Linking art, architecture, and pop culture the works suggests that the novel assembly of art and domestic décor perceptually structures space through the surfaces around us.

Architects | Architecture Office, Syracuse, USA 
Location | Rodger Mack Gallery, Syracuse, USA
Technical infoPVC frame
Picture credits | Ioana Turcan, Architecture Office