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Bayside Marina Hotel

  • Bayside Marina Hotel
  • Bayside Marina Hotel
  • Bayside Marina Hotel
  • Bayside Marina Hotel
  • Bayside Marina Hotel
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The Bayside Marina Hotel, by Japanese architectural firm Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects, is another stunning example of modular construction built using shipping containers.

The hotel is based on the form of the shipping container. Located on the seaside of Yokohama, the seemingly random positioning of the prefabricated, modular, cottages give a unique and different view to each room as well as creating multiple panoramic scenes within, and around, the premises.

Each container is designed to be your own personalised flat, or you can opt for two stacked units providing a more maisonette feel. There are thirty-one rooms in total.

By using not only the standard container dimensions, but also the same locking hardware, the containers were transported directly by a container ship. Whilst the site in Japan was being prepared, the units were assembled in Thailand. After arriving, the blocks were simply bolted into place and connected to utilities, allowing for quick and economical on-site completion.

In order to avoid having all of the hotel’s windows facing the same direction, onto a public park, Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects separated the units and aligned each one differently. By separating the blocks, they had the necessary space to create thicker walls, covered with PVC panels and a high level of sound insulation for each flat through specific PVC false ceilings.

The use of non-welded joints in construction allows the re-use of the units in the future. The result is a natural balance between the arrangement of the blocks and the ocean view of yachts moored in the adjacent marina.

Architects | Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects, Tokyo, Japan  
Location | Yokohama, Japan
Technical info | PVC walls and false ceilings
Picture credits | Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects