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Asa Fashion Store

  • Asa Fashion Store
  • Asa Fashion Store
  • Asa Fashion Store
  • Asa Fashion Store

Rome and Shanghai-based design studio 3Gatti created an abstract forest-like room for the interiors of the Asa concept store in Shanghai.

The main idea was to create dense areas of vertical steel bars to define the space but also the aesthetics. To increase the contrast of the vertical lines and make its perception more powerful, Italian architect Francesco Gatti, founder of the studio, used translucent PVC light walls all around the shop also creating a surreal erosion of the shadows. This type of lighting not only uniformly diffuses the light, but gives an impression of the bars emerging from the floor and reaching the ceiling thanks to the shadows. The luminescent wall creates a uniform diffusion of the light.

Thanks to the vertical elements it was possible to fix disc-shaped elements all around the shop creating surfaces to display bags and shoes or places to sit on the larger discs and to hang the clothes on the craned discs. The result is the perfect combination of only two design elements irremediably interlaced with each other.

As for the dresses, elongated pieces of the same material were placed horizontally so that they could be hung from there.

The simplicity and minimalism of the design can be perceived through the limited amount of materials, colours and elements that sum up a pleasurable shopping experience.


Designer | 3gatti, Rome, Italy Shanghai, China 
Location | Shanghai, China
Technical info | PVC Barrisol membrane
Picture credits | Daniele Mattioli