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Ánima Collection

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  • Ánima Collection
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Ánima, the fashion collection designed by Spanish designer Leandro Cano, looks like a dramatic project in which the modern zeitgeist meets baroque nostalgia.

Cano, an emerging designer who is already renowned for his use of form-fitting leather, PVC and unconventional silhouettes, designed his first solo show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Initially, the collection was all about baroque, then the floral print developed and it took over: it was applied to fur and tulle, embroidered into PVC, printed on white cotton and white leather and translated into ceramics.

Cano collaborated on the ceramic pieces with Todomuta Studio, which is based in his hometown of San Luis, Seville. Each piece was moulded and was finished by hand, so that each piece is unique. The forms of the ceramic appliqués designed for Ánima look like a cross between flowers and bones. Cano affixed the white ceramics to clear PVC and white fabrics, developing very prominent forms with dramatic silhouettes.

The astounding things about Ánimais that despite the enormous amount of pattern and detailing, the collection feels reserved, but in no way shy. The atypically exaggerated silhouettes, baroque patterning, clear vinyl mixed with embroidery, and ceramic somehow combine perfectly to be fresh and completely avoid tired pastiche. Innovation and tradition create a balanced mixture between the most innovative techniques, the old Spanish tradition of handmade knitwear, as well as an original and renewed vision of the Spanish culture and iconography.

Designer | Leandro Cano, Jaen Spain 
Technical info | Transparent PVC 
Picture credits | Leandro Cano