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An important contribution to environmental protection

Dynactiv Power
Most of Europe is blessed with plenty of water from rivers that run full, almost the whole year, from the melting snows. And of course, the “rainy” weather that is prevalent in the Northern hemisphere.

Unfortunately, that is not the case in tropical and equatorial zones – these regions have plenty of sunshine all year-round but, having no snow to depend on and rains that are seasonal and intermittent, they’re also cursed with shortages of water and recurring droughts.

Having little or no access to efficient water transport or storage facilities, these regions lose most of their water due to poor water-storage. A significant amount of water is also lost to evaporation. This, in turn, has another follow-on effect with the inadequate water flow being insufficient for the hydro-electric power stations to generate electricity.

This Catch-22 situation needs innovative ideas to mitigate the ill-effects of both water loss as well as electricity shortages: PVC comes to the rescue! For example, in countries that require fresh water storage in large-scale reservoirs, an ultra-durable surface cover featuring integrated solar energy generating technology is a winning solution that delivers preservation, conservation, and value generation.

The Dynactiv™ Power series of surface materials ensures the year-round availability of water and power in arid regions. With their integral solar modules, they are doubly sustainable and are landmark products for countries with long periods of drought. The light-impermeable film completely covers large water surfaces and reliably protects the reservoirs against dirt and evaporation. Up to 40 percent more water is retained as a result, which can then be used, for example, to irrigate arable land. In addition, photovoltaic modules laminated to the film make solar power available to surrounding households or to operate pumping stations.

Benecke-Kaliko’s Dynactiv™ Power energy-generating surface cover for water reservoirs received a special prize in the Sustainability category of the INOVYN Award, presented to incentivise innovation in order to achieve and promote important advances in the PVC industry, at the K international trade show for plastics and rubber in Düsseldorf, Germany. “Our innovative technology is enabling us to make an important contribution to environmental protection,” emphasises Dr. Dirk Leiß, Benecke-Kaliko’s CEO. “We are proud that it has been recognized in this way.”

“Sustainability is absolutely crucial to the continued success of the PVC industry,” declared Chris Tane, the CEO at INOVYN, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PVC and sponsors of the awards.