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Alliander Headquarters

  • Alliander Headquarters
  • Alliander Headquarters
  • Alliander Headquarters
  • Alliander Headquarters
  • Alliander Headquarters
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Amsterdam-based RAU Architects recently completed Alliander, in Duiven’s new head office, a beautiful energy-plus building filled with natural light and lush vertical gardens.

Interconnectivity was the main principle behind the design and applies for all its parts and works on all levels. The existing buildings, which were composed of different blocks, are respected and integrated into the new design: up to 83% of the existing constructions remain.

A large atrium, covered by an iconic roof, connects the six different volumes visually, programmatically as well as logistically, and creates an “in-between” space where employees and visitors can meet. Large skylights are placed on the curved roof in order to increase the amount of daylight in the atrium and the façade is fully built of glass, creating a strong link with the landscape, contributing to a healthy and inspiring workspace.

Efficiency and effectiveness are guiding principles throughout the design. In intervention, material use, footprint, costs and burdening of the environment. In return, functionality, comfort, innovation, identity and a positive impact on society are achieved. The building complex provides more energy than needed, which can be used by “neighbours” in the surroundings through the Smart Grid, starting a Green Alliance in the community. The design of the building optimises the use of energy, the design of the PVC-PVDF roof stimulates natural ventilation, and the atrium becomes a “second skin” for the closed volumes, creating an in-between climate.

Thanks to the use of solar panels and underground water for thermal storage, it is also CO2 neutral. The solar panels are placed in the parking as shading and protection for the cars, giving them a double function. Since these were placed first, it was possible to achieve an energy positive building site for the first time in the Netherlands.

Architects | Rau Architects, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Location | Duiven, Netherlands 
Technical info | PVC-PVDF membrane roof
Picture credits | Marcel van der Burg