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Adyax Headquarters

  • Adyax Headquarters
  • Adyax Headquarters
  • Adyax Headquarters
  • Adyax Headquarters
  • Adyax Headquarters

Working spaces, in their actual forms, are still built on the same models from the industrial era. They are not adapted to new modes of production, especially those related to digitalisation. Dematerialisation and task-individualisation combined with the increase in mobile working, the aspiration to autonomy, the extension of the company and the emergence of new workplaces (co-working, wespace, work hubs, etc…) create phenomenal mutations in tertiary uses.

The work of the French architects, Stephane Malka Architecture, for Open Source Experts Adyax’s Parisian headquarters aims to redefine the concept of space planning, new ways to live and work together in a 21st century office building.

The digital field stretches new prospects and new fields of explorations to anticipate, in these new professional areas. To do so, Stephane Malka has developed various flexible uses through space modularity but also material and objects that are part of the whole project.

The architect has also created new dispositions and alternative workspaces. The systematic use of laptops allows true mobility within the company. Thus, places with various spatial and chromatic characteristics, a varied range of different atmospheres conducive to common spaces, collective or individual isolation.

They’ve worked on distorting scales in order to promote generous places for informal exchanges, meetings, different types of reunions and public receptions.

PVC sliding walls create microarchitecture partitions, with thermal and acoustic insulation, which structure the space and allow connecting or separating working spaces in a few seconds. The abstract, colourful touches bring a strong identity and a playful touch to the spaces.

The central space, as a nave church, invites meditation on the essence of the emptiness as in the drawn spaces of a cathedral.

It also focuses the eye in the centre of the nave church, thus on the side, the passage flow and lights variations allow the designers to enjoy much needed calm.

The anamorphosis creates Matrix Cubes that are anchored to the hall’s columns, halfway between abstraction and spatial reality. It’s an invitation to contemplate, a golden window on a blue ocean, deeply rooted in the company’s DNA, yet open towards other places.


Architects | Stephane Malka Architecture, Paris, France 
Location | Paris, France
Technical info | PVC wallcovering
Picture credits | Malka Architecture