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A cabinet you won’t forget

A cabinet you won’t forget A cabinet you won’t forget  A cabinet you won’t forget 


Designer: Dik Scheepers, Heerlen, Netherlands    
Producer: Dik Scheepers, Heerlen, Netherlands     

Dutch designer Dik Scheepers has created a cabinet made of oak and translucent green corrugated PVC.

“People tend to associate corrugated PVC with cheapness and poverty, which is a shame because you can really realise how nice it is when you see the light going through it” Scheepers explains. “By combining corrugated PVC with a material such as oak — a traditional material for quality furniture — people’s feelings towards this material change."

The use of corrugated PVC for the Sine Cabinet was inspired by flower-selling booths in the area near Amsterdam where Dik Scheepers grew up.

The frame extends behind the enclosed space of the cupboard because Scheepers wanted the furniture to be remembered as its owner becomes used to its presence. “I wanted to make a cabinet that you can't just put against a wall, but rather jumps off it,” he explains.

“The cabinet will change over time,” he adds. “The longer it stands, the fuller it gets, the less it will reveal because the corrugated PVC will lose its transparency.”

Technical info: Corrugated PVC
Picture credits: Dik Scheepers